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Most homeowners know the basics of painting preparation. Specifically, they know it’s important to use drop cloths, painter’s tape, and stir the paint thoroughly. But there are other tips that can improve your painting projects. For example, did you know that a golf ball can help maintain paint quality or that microwaving paint tape can make it more manageable? 

Here are a few DIY painting tips that can help improve the quality of your work and save you time and money in the process.

  • Don’t let your paint dry out. Drop golf balls into the paint can to fill the air space, or place plastic wrap under the lid. Seal it tightly and store the paint upside down.
  • Stir paint with a modified stir. Drill holes in the store to help mix the paint more thoroughly. These holes help the paint flow through the store air raid and get like a whisk and mixing the paint evenly.
  • Add texture. If you want more texture on your wall.  Choose a roller with a long nap, which holds more paint.
  • Don’t wash your Brushes or rollers If you don’t finish your project in one day. Simply wrap your rollers or brushes in plastic bags or 10 foil and keep them in the fridge.
  • Deal with the problem tape. Sometimes it can be difficult to pull off its role without tearing or sticking. Microwave a whole roll for 10 seconds if your painter’s tape continues to peel.
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