You probably have a regular home cleaning schedule. Many people forget to clean these common household areas or objects. Here are just a few objects that you may want to add to your regular home cleaning schedule.

A toothbrush holder is a common household object that people forget to clean. You should clean your toothbrush holder once a week by washing it in your dishwasher or sanitize it by washing it by hand with soap and water.

Another item you may be forgetting to clean is your reusable shopping bags. These reusable bags can collect stains, start to smell, and collect bacteria and mold. You can wipe down the plastic bags and wash your fabric bags in a laundry machine.

The last item you need to remember to clean is your kitchen handles. The oven, freezer, refrigerator, and cabinet handles really should be scrubbed once a week, or right after touching them with messy hands. If left untreated, these handles can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

These are just a few objects to remember to clean and you may want to add them to your regular home cleaning schedule to help you to get everyone in your home safe and healthy.

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