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We all love house plants (to one extent or another). And who would ever say they don’t like the occasional shrub or tree in front of their house. But there is a limit to what we should have in or around our home when it comes to vegetation.

As a general rule, we should keep plants at least three feet away from our house on the exterior. If there are trees, then they should be cut back even more. Plants shade our home and cause moss to develop, and it also can cause moisture issues. Tree roots can damage our foundation, sidewalks, driveway, patios, decks, porches, and more. In addition to that, tree branches over our roof can damage it if they fall, and also cause shade and other moisture problems.

Then there are plants inside the home. While most inside plants are pretty neutral, some bigger plants can require a lot of water and cause humidity in the home. Also, watering inside plants too much can cause moisture stains or damage on your floors.

Then on top of all of this – there are bugs and other pests. Too much vegetation in or around your home can cause and encourage pests of all kinds.

So while plants are great, be sure to keep some of these issues at bay by keeping your inside plants small, and your outside plants cut back.

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